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with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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May Community Wrap!

Welcome to the May Community Wrap! Hey everyone stopping by and to those who asked to be tagged @Sans911 @CheerBear @Former-Member @isoL8 @Mazarita @frog @outlander @Shaz51 @Determined @Snowie @Maggie 👋❤️️


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Celebrating members 🎉

A big congratulations to our new Community Guides!!!!! Thanks to you and our continuing Guides for all you do. And a big thanks to everyone - Community Elders and members, who are offering support, guidance, and compassion on the forums in any capacity 💐


On the Lived Experience side celebrating @HopefulWarrior and members contributing to Chasing some words of wisdom discussing how to manage comparisons with others that weigh us down, navigate difficult friendships, and grieve losses:

"@HopefulWarrior Forever welcome. we make our own choices,  own that anxiety and let it help you move forward.  You're stronger and more you than you think. Smiley Happyx" - @Trikarri


Celebrating @The-red-centaur for starting this thread Coping with mother's day  to acknowledge Mother's Day has different meanings for different people, and both giving and receiving support in the thread. 


On the Carers side we are celebrating @Bonnie333 for offering words on hope, grieving, and appreciating the small wins when supporting someone in their mental health recovery: 

"Two steps forward, one back is often the way. Acknowledge and grieve the losses, but try to dwell on anything positive. Hope. A little word with unlimited potential."@Bonnie333 


Forum events!

This last week of May was our first Wellbeing Week on the forums! We had a week of Self-Care Bingo, thanks to all who joined and keep an eye out for the next one! The end of April also saw a great mindfulness session. It's now closed but the meditation and comments are worth looking at. We are also still celebrating National Reconciliation Week, which finishes Wednesday June 3rd, so check it out, add your thoughts, and brainstorm ways to celebrate.


Spotlight on - A blog for anyone feeling anxious about changes that come with lifting of restrictions. Some thoughts about it and tips for managing.“I’m scared of relaxing restrictions!”: Protecting our mental health while the world changes yet again.


Quotes of the month - there are so many I wanted to put, here are a few! 



Love the wit and humour and depth and breadth of your words.

Words matter.

We are word making creatures.

Heart" - @Appleblossom in Writing As A Form Of Therapy 


"For me, I prefer to say "I have ..." rather than "I am ..." as that means my diagnosis doesn't define who I am (to me anyway)." - @eth 


"Over the past month I’ve been doing a lot of work on me and where I fit into this. I’ve found that helping myself emotionally has given me some inner peace and the ability to accept what is now which in turn is helping our daughter." - @Mikey02 


"It sounds like you are trying to hold everything together, you are being pulled and pushed from all sides. I believe that deep down your daughter sees your support and resilience but just hasn't yet found a way to conquer her anxiety in a less destructive way.

It truly sounds like you are doing an amazing job in trying to keep your daughter on the right path, mothers have a huge nurturing instinct for what's needed in their children so don't let others make you feel that you can't trust that" - @AmandaJ 


You'll see you can hit reply! What are your thoughts? Is there a member or thread you would like to celebrate or spotlight???


If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up! Know someone that could be celebrated in the next wrap or see a quote you think could be shared here? Feel free to email Nashy at !


Re: May Community Wrap!

Good one @Tortoiseshell ! and thanks for quoting me.

Re: May Community Wrap!

No worries @eth Smiley Very Happy

Re: May Community Wrap!

wow @Tortoiseshell  that sounds totally  wonderful xood


Re: May Community Wrap!

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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