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Looking after ourselves

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Yeah I got app after a week maybe when someone on here suggested it. Its been up and down after big improvement first couple weeks just feel crap since Poss related to strain on body/no crutches. Will hit drs up soon. And well guess if I were healthy I wouldn’t have stopped du-oh lol @Zaphod .. betelgeuse.. lol

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Haha @TAB ! 

I love that movie.  Hope it goes well with the doc.


Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Haha was a series re Red Dwarf??? @Zaphod yeah no worries Thanks

Re: Ditching the Ciggers



Re: Ditching the Ciggers



Re: Ditching the Ciggers


Hi @EOR @Zaphod @CheerBear @Aeiou @Zoe7  sorry still not getting notigications @EOR  going to have a look at settings .. again..

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

Woohoo @TAB! 🎉🎊🎉 So well done! 👍👍👍

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

still getting silly thoughts only been off the nicotine like 3 weeks, if had kept up with patches, would still have 'backdoor' to smoking wide open

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

thanks @CheerBear  bout all I have done right this year as told self yesterday but yeah its a big one 

Re: Ditching the Ciggers

This year has been like 5 minutes @TAB 😉 And that is a huge one! If all I did right for the year was that, I'd feel like it was a big success.

Seriously go you TAB. I'm really hoping I'll join you soon 🙂

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