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Re: rough time

Lil Sis @outlander. I'm home. I'm outside with Mr A

Re: rough time

i wish i was there with you watching Mr A enjoy his time outside @Sans911

how was your time at the op shop?

Re: rough time

I wish you were here too @outlander, having a coffee or tea together, feeling the breeze. Mr A is flaked out on the porch. Which is how I feel.

Op shop wasn't busy with customers but there's always loads of donations to sort, hang and price. Not everything that comes through is suitable. Sometimes it's stained or smells, it's pulled or there's rips, so it goes into a bag to be made into rags. Someone bought in stacks of books that had been in storage for a long time so they had mildew. They had to be thrown away. Many people really don't think about stuff that they bring to charity shops. They wouldn't buy clothes with rips in them, so I don't know why they think charity shops would! Also people try to bargain with us as well. It's pretty cheeky.

Other people bring into stained, chipped or damaged crockery or baking items. We can't sell that either.

So for a very small shop, we get lots of donations every day. I usually go around every now and then picking up clothes that have fallen to the floor.

So I'm glad to be home now.

I have my poetry group meeting tommorow & a friend coming for lunch, and I'll need to get back to the packing after that.

Re: rough time

yeah thats pretty much how i feel since ive had 2 panic attacks and another rather awful moment within the hr Smiley Sad @Sans911

has it been hot where you are? its come back out hot again here and since its been raining the few days before its made ti quicky sticky and muggy.

wow lots of donations even for a small place! yes your right, some dont think and they use it more of a dumping ground unfortunatly. i never donate items that i wouldnt be happy with purchasing myself.

sounds like a good day tomorrow, hopefully people turn up to the poetry meeting this time though.

Re: rough time

Awww lil Sis not good reSmiley Tongueanic attacks. Do you want to talk about anything? @outlander

Re: rough time

i had to giggle at your post, im not sure that emoji is suppose to be there..

im not sure, i was just having a shower and lots of things kinda just hit at once more so the upcoming tests, surgury and pops health and my responsibilities dawning on me
and my foot making things so hard atm. i couldnt breathe and ended up literally sitting there for ages, i dont even remember what i was thinking about for most of it then eventually was able to get up and out but then sat in there wrapped in the towel again for who knows how long but when id gotten out and checked the time itd been about an hr. and then 2 panic attacks since then, seems every time i move or think or breathe i just start to get over the top emotional but im tired but i cant sleep/havent been sleeping but so anxious.

sorry that was a ramble

Re: rough time

Oops, nope that emojis was NOT supposed to be there. But hey, it made you laugh.

Have you used your worry box lately? And how are you going writing down things for the psychologist? What about using the colouring app to take your mind off things? Try to find a complicated one so you spend some time with it.

The lack of sleep wouldn't be helping at all sweetie.


Re: rough time

it did indeed! @Sans911

admittedly i havent been using my worry box for a few weeks, i wasnt finding it as effective so had put that strategy away for a 'break' then bring it out again in a few weeks and hopefully it will have the same effect as it dd when i first started doing it. but.. i havent found anything to replace it yet.
i havent really been writing things down for the psychologist either, i still dont even see her for a few weeks yet which is both ok and not so ok too.
i cant focus on the colouring app lately either, it goes blurry even with using my glasses so i might need those readjusted or just need the easy going stuff. of a night ive been listening to music and doing findawords on my phone.
Its a little hard to sleep when even just a sheet is on my foot is causes pain even with pain relief.
I guess im just a little tired..

Re: rough time

are you ok talking? i wouldnt want to put a downer on your day either @Sans911

Re: rough time

I'm quite OK talking to you hun. You're not bringing me down at all @outlander

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