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Re: Far and Away

Yes it is pretty special the bond with F&H and I really value it highly @Former-Member Smiley Happy

I did a big shop early in the week so I have a fridge full right now. I intend to make some veggie soup also so I have it on hand when I don't feel like cooking - that may be a Monday job in between tennis matches. 

I don't particularly like sitting in a plane for hours either but can manage it with a sleep also. The trip to the UK where I started included a couple of stops and plane changes so that broke it up a bit.

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Re: Far and Away

How long ago was your UK/Europe trip? @Zoe7

Yes, a break helps. Although I remember having to spend 5 hours at Heathrow airport coming from another country, on my way to another country.  So it made it a huge huge huge trip. 

I was on my own. 

Had trouble sleeping the whole trip. Even with prn. Makes me wonder. What the heck do I want to travel for lol.  

I do like seeing different places, different atmosphere, meeting people (did I just say that 😳😂) etc. And definitely colder countries. I am more “alive” in colder places. 

All I found was an apple. Everything I have involves cooking. 

Re: Far and Away

I went for 3 months @Former-Member but would have stayed longer if I had more money. I spent the last night in Heathrow airport because there wasn't a train early enough in the morning to get to my flight. Nothing like sleeping in an airport to make you realise you have no money left lol

I ended up having bake beans with my chops and that was lenty for me tonight. Only had fruit myself today so something more substantial was needed - veggies tomorrow though!

I am watching tennis again tonight - is the Sydney final. Hoping for an Aussie win but it looks unlikely at this stage.

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Re: Far and Away

Hard trying to sleep in an airport, that’s for sure. 😫

I haven’t had baked beans for ages. They go well with chops. 

I will let you watch the tennis and catch up another time. 

You mentioned you were going to have an early night. I hope you sleep well and wake refreshed. It would be good if med reduction suits you. 

Night night. 🦋😴💖

Re: Far and Away

Yeah I might log off myself for now and watch the tennis. I need to have my night meds too - didn't have thenm early as I wanted to watch the tennis but if I don't have them nw it will be very late when I head to bed. I hope you sleep well too @Former-Member and will catch up with you tomorrow. Thank you so much for the chat today and for keeping me company - it really does help with those missing people feelings I am having Heart


Re: Far and Away

Oh @Faith-and-Hope I thought it was at least 4 weeks - that has made my night - I can do 3 more weeks then I will have you back and yes that does sound selfish of me but I really am missing you Hon. I am heading off forum now to watch the tennis but I am now doing it with a smile and the countdown clock begins. Really can't wait until you are back. Hope you have a great day and feel my love coming through the screen Heart

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Re: Far and Away

Tag me any time @Zoe7 and I’ll do my best to be here. Sleep well. 💜


☕️🍰👋 @Faith-and-Hope 💖🌷🌸

I see you. 🥰

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Re: Far and Away

Hi @Sherry @outlander 

Thinking of you both. 

I noticed your “likes”. 


Nighty night. Hoping your sleep will be good. Hoping you’re both ok too. 



Re: Far and Away

Goodnight @Former-Member and everyone

Re: Far and Away

Hi @Faith-and-Hope

just been thinking of you. Hope you’re well and enjoying your holiday. 

Love BB ❤️

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