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Something’s not right

Re: Advice please

@greenpea Sounds like it is time for your son to be reassessed.  Doesn't appear to be any other choice.  Not when one of his voices is talking about hurting you. 

Would it be easier on you to commit him,  or easier to deal with the aftermath of he goes after your daughter.  Neither are nice choice,  but that's where you are. 

You can tell the assessing psychiatrist that you promised your son you wouldn't sign him again.  That you want to honour that promise,  but have your son looked after.  Because the psychiatrist can sign him in,  if need be.  It doesn't need to be you. 

Won't it be great to have your son really well and functioning at his highest.  He needs help. 

Re: Advice please

I'm sorry it's so hard @greenpea I feel for you Heart

Re: Advice please

@frog Thanks froggy Smiley Happy xx

Re: Advice please

Hey little pea @greenpea, as much as you hate hurting your son and you made a promise to him, I think he really needs reassessment. I myself am going in for reassessment at the end of the week because my entities have retruned and are violent too. I made this choice myself rather than hurting those I love. My guess is one of my meds needs tweaking.


thinking of you gentle pea!

Re: Advice please

@Queenie Thanks Queenie, sorry to hear that you are having trouble again. Just when you think you have everything under control it raises its head again .... good luck keep us posted wont you and again thank you Smiley Happy x


Re: Advice please

Will do GP @greenpea Smiley Happy

I'm going public this time so hopefully they can do this stay in minimum amount of time possible (few days).

Re: Advice please

@greenpea Hi I am sorry you are going through such a hard time. Obviously safety needs to come first especially with another child in the house. Is there an option for perhaps a private hospital or some kind of day program where it is not as horrible as the public system. I can understand wanting to keep your promise. Maybe talk to your GP or psych about different options that aren’t hospital but are still more support than home. Sorry if I am not helpful.

Re: Advice please

Hey @greenpea I go in Saturday.

Re: Advice please

@Eden1919 Hi Eden1919 thank you for your very kind words.  You have been very helpful. You are one of my favourite people on the forums Smiley Happy and it is always good to hear from you regardless. I hope you are doing well. Love greenpea

Re: Advice please

@Queenie Good luck with your stay Queenie. I hope it goes well for you. Love greenpea Smiley Happy

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