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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Struggling along with Borderline

I was recently diagnosed with borderline (misdiagnosed with bipolar at first) and have managed pretty easily. The only thing I struggle with is the irrational anger at the most importune/unnecessary moments, e.g. I'll get home from work and anyone who speaks to me just riles me up and I have to hold back a nasty retort/prevent myself from losing it. I'm working on it with my psychologist but I was hoping for others to share how they dealt with all the associated fun parts of Borderline! 


Cheers Smiley Happy 


Re: Struggling along with Borderline

Hey @lpa123  such a great post and definitely a really common challenge for many living with BPD. Distress tolerance and reigning in the anger is tricky, a lot of the members here benefit from grounding exercises and DBT therapy etc Smiley Happy

I look forward to seeing the responses, thank you for sharing.

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