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Something’s not right


Struggling with attacking voices

Hi all, 


I am really stuggling with constant bullying attacking voices that I hear wherever I go. 


Its very distressing. I want to lash out, but what good will that do? 


Medications are helping but I get agitated. Voices makes it feels like everyone is out to get me. I am resilient but it just feels like i am fighting a loosing cause. 


Fighting bullies in real life is easier because you know who they are. My illness makes it look like i am surrounded by bullies all the time. 


Does anyone have any advice for me? Any tricks ? any good books to read how to cope with derogative voices? Thanks!




Re: Struggling with attacking voices

Hey there.
I know how you feel I have them too. I put on headphones and watch Netflix. The same shows over and over again. Sometimes this helps a lot other times it does not help at all. It's the closest I have had that actually helps even the tiniest but

Re: Struggling with attacking voices


Re: Struggling with attacking voices

@Mavrixx9  Hi Mavrixx9 how long have you been on your meds? if it is for a short time you might need to give the meds more time to settle the voices. Also have you been back to your doc about your voices? What I did was all negative when I had attacking voices so I am of little help unfortunately Smiley Sad .... go back to your doc and maybe your meds can be tweaked. Love greenpea

Re: Struggling with attacking voices

I recently stopped paying attention to my voices @Mavrixx9 after having them for ten years.

I agree with @Emo_forever that playing music makes a big difference.


I listen to quiet music for the mind on my and am able to lessen my thoughts and walk around outside with my headphones. It is still troubling me a bit.


I guess this is a distraction but it works. I hope you find find talking about it helps. It is hard to navigate and hope for the best for you.


Re: Struggling with attacking voices

Listening to music does help.

Need to learn to dismiss those unhelpful negative voices.

Re: Struggling with attacking voices

mine arent loud mostly so as long as i have other noise around me mostly i can ignore them and pretend it was the tv or the music but sometimes i just tell them straight up to F-off which sometimes works other times not. also talking to people face to face sometimes helps like forces you to focus on their words but thats just me idk sorry i am terrible help. 

Re: Struggling with attacking voices



Its been 2 weeks. The things that have helped lately;


1) Chamomile tea with turmeric, black pepper, ginger, lemon slices

2) Facing the world - not isolating myself - to suffer is to endure is it not ?

3) Steam vapour inhalation - eucayptus and lavender oil 

4) Eating home cooked meals instead of junk food 

5) No more candy - sugars

6) More raw fruits 


GP said perhaps eating rubbish and too much sugar contributed to voices, the depression and distress that comes from it. 


I am grateful I still have that fighting spirit - there may not be a cure for us voice hearers yet so we will have to endure until cured. This too shall pass.

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