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Looking after ourselves


To everyone out there doing it tough right now

Most days are challenging, some days are scary and heartbreaking and some days fill us with hope. Most of the time it is not measured in days, usually it is moments. Hang on the the good moments and know that through the hard ones, we are not alone. I send out love and hope to everyone here because we all know we need it xx


Re: To everyone out there doing it tough right now

Lovely @AlwaysHappy  .... thank you, and welcome to the forums 👋💕

Re: To everyone out there doing it tough right now

Hello @AlwaysHappy  and welcome to the forum Heart

Hello @Faith-and-Hope , @Darcy , @Determined , @Adge 

Re: To everyone out there doing it tough right now

Thanks for reaching out and reassuring others going through the tough times. What other choice do we have than to stick in there and continue to be supportive and loving of our children and partners? Mental illnesses are debilitating and all-consuming for the sufferers. Their loved ones too.

Re: To everyone out there doing it tough right now

Hi @Dani_Murray @and welcome to the forums 👋.

Yes, when you love someone you do the best you know how to work with them and for them.  Mental illness is nobody’s fault, asny more than any genetic and debilitating physical illness that triggers with tome and circumstances ..... but perhaps with physical illness it’s easier to see the divide between the person we love and the illness they struggle in the grip of .....


Please feel free to ask questions to help you find your way around the forums, and answer whatever questions you’re comfortable to .... looking forward to seeing you here and getting to know you.



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