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Re: Borderline

Welcome @Borderline , i hope you find the forums useful! 

Re: Borderline

hello and welcome to the forum  @Borderline  Heart

and @Turquoise , you have changed your picture --- nice

Re: Borderline

Hey @Shaz51 ,

Thought it was more suiting with my member name Smiley Happy thank you for noticing!


Hope you have had a lovely week. 


Re: Borderline

Thank you for the warm welcomr

Re: Borderline

Thank you

Re: Borderline

Thank you @Shaz51

Re: Borderline

hello @Borderline , how is things today Heart


Re: Borderline

Content/trigger warning

Hi Shaz51 thanks for asking. I take things one day at a time. I haven't cried or exploded today so it's been a good day. I have no behaviour I feel absolute shame over. I think that worse the self hate is worse than what people think. It's so awesome to be able to share onthis forum it really helps to know people can relate. How was your day?

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi, looking for others experiences with bpd am getting older and still stuff everything up is there hope

Re: Introduce yourself here

There's forgiveness and acceptance I'm 50 live alone. Been clean and sober for 4 years am still experiences symptoms and suffer depression anxiety and PTSD but I have learners to try and be kinder to myself. I know I have big issues in relationships so I will never go there again. I don't make close friends but I have friends I see when I'm in a better place in my head. I think we just need to be kinder to ourselves and take potential triggers out of our lives maybe?..... If we can.

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