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Something’s not right

Re: Really wobbly

what`s wrong my friend @frog , here for you xxxHeart

Re: Really wobbly

Hello @Shaz51  @CheerBear  @Appleblossom 

Things can deteriorate pretty fast for me mental health wise and I'm getting lots of early warning signs. When things do head south I get so frustrated and even resentful. Have taken the day off work due to that and also feeling physically off colour though I don't know what's causing what. It's such hard work trying to stay well.

I hope all of you have some goodness in your day.

Re: Really wobbly

Really big hugs to you @frog. Hope the day off has helped a little ❤

Re: Really wobbly

Thank you @CheerBear .

My day didn't go well. I had a car accident. I'm physically ok, but shaken up and don't know how I'll manage $ wise Smiley Sad Car got towed and I've been on hold to insurance for about 40 minutes. I just want to crawl into bed. We also had a duststorm today and it's in my eyes, nose and throat Smiley Frustrated I'm trying not to catastrophize but I feel awful.

Hello @Shaz51 @eth @Zoe7 @greenpea @Adge @outlander @Mazarita @Faith-and-Hope @utopia @Teej @Wanderer  @Hamsolo01 and forumites around atm
I'd love some positive vibes Heart


Re: Really wobbly

That is terrible news for you @frog  So pleased you are physically okay but you must also be in some shock. Look after yourself tonight Hon - do some things that are nice for yourself. I hear it will be a struggle for you money wise - but hope insurance covers the damage. That will take time to come through though so I can imagine it will be tough for you to get around for some time. Many, many hugs coming your way Hon and much love tonight Heart

Re: Really wobbly

Thanks @Zoe7  for your kind words - means a lot.

Night all


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Re: Really wobbly

@frog Heart
hugs and hugs, im so glad your not hurt physically. its ok that your feeling shaken up, thats normal. i hope tomorrow is alittle better for you Heart

Re: Really wobbly

Sending you Positive, Loving Vibes Right Now @frog

I'm not sure if the Vibes will be strong enough, but I'm sending them anyway...

That sounds really rough.

Car accidents (even minor), shake me up badly.

I hope that somehow the car can get fixed well, for you.

In the meantime, look after yourself as best you can - because people often come off worse (emotionally) than the car does.


Re: Really wobbly


Love ya @frog  ..... hang in there babe.  The accident sucked, but it’s done ..... it’s over .....  and things will get fixed ..... and I hope the insurance covers it for you.


As others have said, what you need to do now is take the greatest care of you that you can.  Do every self care thing you can think of, and have the energy for.


We are all here for you.  So glad you reached out and told us.


Hugs n hugs ..... 💐💜💕💐💜💕💐

Re: Really wobbly

@frog . Sorry today was such a write off.  Glad to hear you are not physically hurt. 

Hopefully the insurance company had some good news for you. 

Sending you my love ❤

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