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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping


Sorry to hear you and Mr Shaz are in the wars atm. I know you both will bounce back. How is your mum? @Shaz51 Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

How are you getting on now @Zoe7. Any motivation kicked in after watching the tennis?! 

@Former-Member how are things for you at present? 

Hope volunteering went well for you @Sans911

@Hamsolo01 how are the plans for overseas work going? Do you ever have trouble with motivation?

How's the abstinence going @TAB

I’m so tired of not being able to get into a routine or get motivated, but to be fair I am still recovering from a nasty depressive episode & am on 3x previous medication dose, I was made redundant 3 days ago & I’m grieving my parents & the life I thought I’d be able to give my kids (ie one in which their mother left her bedroom more often lol). Any responses please to making a travel insurance claim necessary due to mental illness? ....on the positive I’m trying to practice gratitude as a regular event. 

I’ve been thinking about your comments regarding mindfulness @Sherry & I know what you mean (especially because I don’t do things routinely nor practice, practice, practice..). I think you mentioned positive neuroplasticity training which I’ve found a bit easier to attempt. Here’s something that @Former-MemberI will no doubt agree with as she’s been doing affirmations:

”As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again & again.To make a deep mental path, we must think over & over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives” - Henry David Thoreau

Re: Am Not Coping

Medical cert Id imagine @Sam3 think only on full fares re any illness thing. Yes not smoking 12 days now 😬😎

Re: Am Not Coping

Nope - no motivation - I started watching the cricket and now the tennis is back on - so I have written today off as a rest and sport watching day and am okay with that. I will have to do more tomorrow to catch up with what I haven't done today but that is okay too. There is more tennis on tonight so I will be watching that also @Sam3 then the Australian Open starts on Monday so tomorrow I really will have to get some outside things done.

I have no idea about travel insurance for a mental health claim - never been in that situation - sorry I couldn't help. Maybe ring the insurance company and see what is covered.

I agree with that quote - we have to train our minds just as we do our bodies and that takes practice, practice and more practice and then just when you think you have a handle on something - practice it some more. That is one thing that DBT has been great for - knowing that things do not happen in isolation and we need to practice things when we are capable of doing so in order to be able to use the skills when really needed.

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @TAB & @Zoe7 for your replies. I have a tiredness headache but am meeting for her birthday my gay friend & her upbeat partner for dinner then movie. Hopefully I’ll perk up so to speak & findthi gs to talk about. Oh @Zoe7 I really want some of your practical abilities & energy but as you’ve sagely declared we can only be the best version of ourselves. After lazing most of the afternoon, I must now dash - washing in & other jobs before a shower. Despite having it in short supply myself, I’m sending wishes for physical health & emotional well-being to all @Zoe7 @TAB @oceangirl @Shaz51@Sans911

Re: Am Not Coping

@Sam3 I hope you find some energy to have a good night out - you certainly deserve some fun after the last few difficult days. If you had know me even 3 months ago you would have seen a very different Zoe - I did not have half of the energy I have now. It hsa taken a couple of years of going through so much both physically and mentally to get to this point and I am nowhere near where I would like to be - it is still a process of learning, practicing and getting moving to be able to get to where I want to be - and that all takes time. We all progress at different rates and according to our own situations and sometimes it seems like we are not moving forward at all - but for some of us just getting through each day is progress. Go easy on yourself @Sam3 - step by step and little by little it is possible to get out of this depression and we are here walking along with you and supporting you as you go Hon Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Am Not Coping

Almost missed your notification @Sam3

Hi and thanks for thinking of me. 

My day isn’t really worth mentioning again. I hate it when I don’t feel up to getting out of the house, except for hanging washing. 

I will stick to the affirmations in the morning and at bedtime. It’s part of my routine now. It’s boring, but I believe it is helping. I can’t stand living with CPTSD any longer, so I’m determined to keep working on my health. 

I hope your day was ok in some way. 


Hi hi everyone who’s around. 👋💖


Kaffe for Herr @TAB Seeing as you’re working hard, by the sounds of it. Great about not smoking. 💪🎩😺 ☕️🍰

Youll need to reward yourself 


Re: Am Not Coping

hey @Sam3 Yeah motivation can be an issue. Recently in particular. But sometimes I find that it can be solved by minute steps forwards. This is my approach to overseas work

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks @Former-Member yeah thought surely theyd let up with about 20mins to go while others had had 3hrsoff., went home early or just hid all day thought yeah got to be close enough . Guy in charge got some of his own medicine from earlier in day back lol dunno ir going in tomorrow it will be 45 am a bit knocked around from last 2 days stairs. Heavy protective clothing tight awkward spaces, rude bosses other people doing nothing yeah where’s the violin lol

Re: Am Not Coping

‘Its the poor who are most giving ‘ @Sam3 ... because they know what it’s like

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