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Re: Far and Away

Yes to all you wrote @Zoe7 β£οΈ

Better get moving if this dinner is going to happen .....

Re: Far and Away

Enjoy your dinner Hon - I need to get dinner organised here too. Will catch up with you later tonight @Faith-and-Hope  Heart

Re: Far and Away

All baby dragons on board for going out to eat ..... πŸ‘

Re: Far and Away

That is great news @Faith-and-Hope Enjoy your family time - it is precious Heart

Re: Far and Away

Spoke too soon .... S2 just experiences an energy crash, so we are staying in after all.  He is going to have a fridge snack and go to bed.  Visual wants to order in, and I say ..... β€œgo for it !!”  Let’s celebrate that things are heading in the right direction β£οΈπŸŽ‰

Re: Far and Away

Missed your post earlier @Faith-and-Hope  At least ordering in is halfway there and you don't have to cook. Hope S2 is okay and can get some sleep ready for tomorrow's appointment. Sending hugs to you, Visual and D2 and hopong everything else tonight is settled for you all Heart


Re: Far and Away

β€οΈπŸ¦‹ @Zoe7 .....

Re: Far and Away

Hope you had a nice dinner Hon. I am going to head off myself now - pretty worn out again so going to snuggle up in bed with Toby and try to get some sleep. Love ya @Faith-and-Hope  Goodnight Heart

Re: Far and Away

Goodnight @Zoe7  .... πŸ’šπŸ¦‹

Re: Far and Away

We had a good DBT session today @Faith-and-Hope - lots of laughter and really funny moments. It is a really lovely group and we all seem to have a good sense of humour. There is probably no surprise that I often lead the jokes and frivolity lol - it was certainly that way today. At one stage one of the members commented that the facilitator had lost control of the group and she just laughed - we were all laughing. It made some pretty intense stuff a little easier to get through though. We do work well as a group and that is nice to have.


Saw my pdoc after and most of what we talked about today was work and all my own self-doubts. We talked a little about it always being that way but with this new school I am having less of those in relation to my work. I think it is harder not having my own class in a way but also a good thing I don't because I have less of those pressures with planning and reporting. We also talked about the behaviour management side of things and how much easier it is with this school. Most of what I used to do at the old school was managing behaviours and teaching came secondary so there have been those doubts about whether I could do that side of it. The more I get to know the other teachers and the more I am in classes the more I think I can do this job - I hope that continues to increase because my confidence in myself is pretty low.


Friend was going to come around this afternoon but is unwell - I am very tired again today so I am not disappointed - it will mean I can take my time to clean up and relax when I need to. I am actually relieved he can't make it - maybe that is also a sign that things are becoming a little more distant between us and I don't think I am overly concerned about that. I didn't want him to think I was distancing myself from him after what he told me several weeks ago but maybe I am subconsciously doing that - it has also aligned with me starting back at work and him selling his house so maybe it is just circumstances. I suppose time will tell but I feel like we are certainly on different paths now and maybe that is how it is going to be. I honestly feel okay about that - firstly I thought it was just me pulling away as I usually do when I start getting close to someone but we have also both had so much going on and haven't had the time to connect properly. I am trying not to overthink it and what will be will be.

@CheerBear  @Sherry 

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