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Something’s not right

Re: Need to vent

Hi @BlueBay 


Yes - you really need to take it easy emotionally to give your digestive system a chance to recover - I did read up on viseral hypersensity and it is real condition and stress makes it worse


I am hoping you can get sickness benefits - you deserve this - have you asked any of your doctors if they will help you apply - this will help you I am sure


And yes - keep away from your mother - she definitely has something wrong with her emotionally - ringing her up will only feed that in her - and I know how hard it is to keep away - but worth it


Today I was expecting my gardener and he finally came - the garden didn't need much work this time - just a tidy up and trim - it makes a huge difference having him come every few weeks seeing as I can't do it any more and neither can my daughter.


Take a bit of a walk before it gets dark - I used to walk to the beach often in the past - not recently - I used to live near the beach and loved to go there in the evenings - when no one was about. It's a very special time and place 


Take it easy tonight - and you will find it hard to keep away from your mother but there is only more sorrow there for you



Re: Need to vent

Hi everyone 

@Dec @Emelia8 @girasole @BPDSurvivor @Shaz51 @Eve7 


i was seeing a physio at new clinic near home for hips snd back. I emailed her yesterday to say I won't be able to see her because I can't afford it. She just emailed saying she'll bulk bill. That was really nice of her. I'll make an appt tomorrow. 
I had a busy day today. Two loads of washing by 8am. Then hubby snd I took littke A to the beach for a coffee and play at park. 
painting with A this afternoon. Friend called in for coffee. Then daughters partner came over for dinner. 
tomorrow my D is taking A to watch a movie. She asked if I would like to go. Yes I'm going  to see Peter rabbit!!  Littke A is very excited!!!

before I forget again - is @Maggie  still around?? I haven't seen her for quite a while snd was wondering if I missed something that happened. I hope you're ok maggie. Miss you. Xxxx


Re: Need to vent

You are a wonderful  grandma my sister xoxo @BlueBay 

Enjoy tomorrow with little A

A is eager to  go to the movies all night 

Re: Need to vent

That sounds beautiful @BlueBay !


 Is this evident of how much people want you around? Your boss has told you not to resign, you've been asked to go to the movies, your Physio is wanting to see you and ready to bulk bill... the list goes on.


 Next time, when negativity pokes up its head, see if you can hit it over the head with these pieces of evidence.


 I'm so happy for you!


Re: Need to vent

Hi @BPDSurvivor @Shaz51  My daughter was offered a job this morning so she has decided to take it.  Hubby is home so he and I will take little A to the movies. That's even more exciting!!!  Smiley Happy


Re: Need to vent

hi @BPDSurvivor @Shaz51 @Dec @Emelia8 @Eve7 and others reading 


Saw Peter rabbit movie   It was good. Little A was getting tired by the end. She sat in my lip and cuddled up. She fell asleep in the car on way home. Still asleep in bed. She had a bad night waking up twice crying snd coughing. 
I'm resting as I've got abdo pain again . I've left a msg for my GP to csll. 
hubby is making a banana cake and I put on chicken soup for dinner. 
it's much cooler today and we've had a bit of rsin. Apparently weekend is supposed to be cold. Sunday is only 14 in Melbourne. time to rug up. 


Re: Need to vent

Awww Sooo lovely you and hubby taking A for the movies  my sister xoxo @BlueBay 

Re: Need to vent

@Shaz51 @BPDSurvivor @Dec @Emelia8 and others following - 

hi my friends 

Oh I'm in pain. My stomach is very bloated. I ate chicken soup and eating thst caused pain under my right rib. 

my doctor finally rang but was very dismissive about my pain. His answer was - don't drink coffee!!!  I have 1-2 cups a day. It's not a lot. Snd I'm not even  sure that's causing it. 
I'm a bit annoyed with him. 

Re: Need to vent

Good morning @Shaz51 @BPDSurvivor @Dec @Emelia8 @The-Hams  and others 


poor little A. We had to call ambulance last night as she was barking like a dog and wheezy. The paramedics were great eith her. She was taken to hospital at 11.30pm and they dudnt get home until 4am. My daughter partner drove to hospital and stayed then drive them home. 
while the paramedic put the stickers on her chest she says to me "Nonna I don't have these stickers in my doctors bag"!!!  He gave her a few to keep. She was happy. 
they take A out to the ambulance and she says "Nonna they parked in mummy's car door"!!!  Agsin the paramedics thought how funny this girl is. 
apparently all the way to hospital she talked and sang!!  They couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure she made their night!! Lol

so she has a virus.  She's tucked in with my daughter asleep. I've just put heater on as it's cold.  She's not going to her dads today. 

im seeing my doctor this morning about gallbladder pain. 
yestetday all day whenever I had a ciffee , tea or soup for dinner it would give me instant sharp psin as I swallowed. Right under my right rib area. That's why I think it's gallbladder related. 
I did call my GP yesterday abd his response was "don't drink coffee" it's nothing. 
so I'm going back because the pain is there. Why am I hsving pain?

Let you know later. 

Re: Need to vent

thinking of you sister @BlueBay  and your daughter and "A"

hope A feels better soon xxxx

how did you go with the doctor ??

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New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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